“Ghost” visits Ecobank, Molyko. 

Monday August 13th goes in record as one of the worst ghost town day(s) in the English speaking regions of Cameroon.

The ghost in Buea paid a “vandalism visit” to the head office of Ecobank, Molyko.

Report on shuimonews table says unknown individuals attacked the financial institutions and partially destroyed its giant billboard just beside the main road, early today. This happened, sources confirm, in the presence of a helpless guard who could do nothing to stop the onslaught.


Partially destroyed billboard of Ecobank head office, Molyko, Buea. Photo credit: Mimi Info

“I peeped through the window but could not identify any of the attackers. They were furious, cursing and insulting the bank as they vandalised the bill board. These individuals were also armed. This scared me from making an outside venture. I think this is a warning to any financial institution in Buea.” an eye witness told Shuimonews.

The reason for this attack is still to be established given that Ecobank was closed. 

There was equally  an attempt to block the stretch of road near the said bank and somewhere around check point, Buea.

Assorted materials on the deserted Buea main road 

It should be noted that financial institutions in Buea had signed an undertaking, sanctioned by the mayor of Buea to operate on ghost town days. Since the said undertaking was signed these financial institutions in Buea had  respected ghost town to the latter, including the government owned NFC bank.

Government officials , including the mayor of Buea, Mr.Ekema Patrick Esunge  are still to make a public pronouncement to this mishap.

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“Rev. Fr. Sob was brutally murdered with a silencer gun”: His Lordship Immanuel Bushu

Rev. Fr.Alexander Sob Nougi who was reportedly killed by a “stray bullet” at Muyuka (Friday July 20th 2018) has finally been laid to rest. The deceased man of God was buried today Friday August 10 at the Regina Pacis  Cathedral, Small Soppo, Buea in the presence of  hundreds of mourners that came from far and near to bid him farewell.

Though Rev Fr. Sob becomes history as from today, his death just like that of  late Bishop Jean Marie Benoît Balla( former Bishop of Bafia diocese) remains a controversy. 

While popular reports hold that he was killed by a “stray bullet” from a shootout between Ambazonia fighters and the Cameroon military at Muyuka, the Bishop of the Buea diocese, his lordship Immanuel Bushu has a different narrative concerning the death of Fr.Sob.

Bishop Bushu infront, with mass servants during the funeral of Rev Fr Sob. 

Bishop Immanuel Bushu  rubbished claims that Rev Fr.Sob was killed by a “stray bullet” . Hear him “… Father Sob was with two other people in his car when he was shot at close range with a ‘silencer gun’ . where are those people who were with him? Fr. Sob did not die in a crossfire… We pray for those wicked people who killed him, some of whom are amongst us…”

Bishop Bushu. Photo Credit: Cameroon postline

“The soul of Fr. Sob will hunt his killer(s).  Fr Sob was like a father to me. The Catholic church has lost one of its main  pillars in Buea…”, said one of the mourners to Shuimonews with streams of tears flowing from his eyes.

Family members, Friends and well wishers attending the funeral of Rev. Fr. Sob. Photo credit: Mimi Infos

  • Matters arising 

 Just like the proverbial “je suis dan l’eau” controversy that surrounded the death of Bishop Jean Marie Benoît Balla, the question that is yet to be answered as far as the death of Fr. Alexander Sob is concerned, is: which of the side did the ill fated “stray bullet” came from? Is it the Amber fighters’ or the Cameroon military’s side ? Again, which of the camps can afford a silencer gun, considering how expensive it is: is it the Cameroon military or Amber fighters. Amber fighters are noted for fighting with den guns, that makes the loudest noise when ever it is fired, or are there ‘Silencer den guns’? For now Shuimonews is yet to come across a ‘silencer den gun’ 

Examples of Silencer guns ( not the one that was used to kill Father Sob)

Even though it may be too early to point accusing fingers at this momment, there are reasons to buy bishop Bushu’s claims. However, until right answers are given to the above  questions, the death of Fr. Alexander Sob remains a controversy.

May you farewell Rev. Fr. Alexander Sob Nougi, extend Shuimonews’ greetings to Bishop Jean Marie Benoît Balla who suffered “the same fate” like you. We shall all meet you again.

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Former chief justice, Ayah Paul Abine may be “arrested” again!

Mr. Ayah Paul Abine is one of the living “casualties” of the Anglophone crisis in Cameroon. First arrested on the the 21st of January 2017, and later released together with Barister Agbor Balla, the former chief justice may go back to where the Cameroon government thinks he belongs. 

After his release Mr. Ayah Paul has been very vocal on the current sociopolitical crisis rocking the North west and the South west regions of Cameroon. He has made numerous Facebook posts critizing the Cameroon government on how its has been handling the “prolonged crisis”.

The following Facebook post was made by Mr. Ayah, wednesday 8 August 2018 recounting how his wife was forced to sign a convocation from “unfamiliar men”

Mr. Ayah Paul on facebook 

The fate of Mr.Ayah Paul will be determined after the questioning must have taken place.

Shuimonews will give you updates of this story.

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Mayor Ekema goes “bananas”again!

After receiving encouragements from one of  his like (minister Atanga Nji), mayor Ekema has taken another move once again to impress his master(s) in Yaoundé. The mayor’s “one man show” has simply taken another direction

The Buea municipality witnessed one of the worst ghost towns  on Monday  August 6. No township taxis plied the streets talkless of shops, that were all closed down right up to the remotest neighborhood.  Mr. Patrick Ekema who had sown with his life to fight ghost town in Buea, came out with yet another brand new model of fighting against ghost town, this town around targeting township taxis.

The mayor of Buea was seen, (Monday August 6) moving around in some localities of Buea deflating tyres of  Taxi owners that respected ghost town. Reports confirm that the mayor was accompanied by elements of the Cameroon military and a number of  council police. 

Photo credits: Mimi info

It should be noted that Mr. Ekema had earlier on sealed shops of those business persons respecting ghost town, though he later unsealed  them. 

The mayor’s action has received a lot of criticisms from many a   Cameroonian. Many are questioning how a mayor could champion the economic sabotage of his people.

Facebook reaction to the Mayors action

It appears most of the tactics employed by Mr.Ekema Patrick to fight against ghost Town in Buea always backfire. Will this new tactic work for the mayor?

  • Blood rains in Bui Division

Bui division of the Northwest region, just like other divisions in the English speaking regions of Cameroon witnessed ghost town, Monday August 6. The ghost town turned bloody after the Cameroon military reportedly killed 4 people on a bike at Takijah . Takijah is a village in Nkum subdivision, between Tatum and Kumbo. Two gendarmes were equally killed at Mah , a village still in Nkum subdivision purportedly by Amba fighters. 

Reports say a majority of people in Takijah are fleeing to bushes for fear of military crackdown.

Takijah villagers fleeing

The Gardian Post Newspaper is reporting that one of the Amba fighters Commander  was fatally injured  during a shootout in Kumbo still yesterday August 6

Stay connected for more updates

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Two Military Men killed again!

Shuimonews Correspondents in the Northwest region say Two military men have been killed  early today at Mah village. Mah is a village under NKum subdivision, Bui Division of the Northwest region of Cameroon. Our Sources confirm that the two military men were allegedly killed by Amba boys on a surprise attack. 

According to reports, majority of the inhabitants of this village have sort refuge in bushes for fear of the Unknown.  “We are just parking to near by bushes because military crackdown is imminent in our village” says a Mah inhabitant who pleaded for anonymity.

It Should be noted that 10 military men have lost their lives in just two days in the two English speaking regions of Cameroon. 8 were killed on Sunday August 5 and 2 today Monday August 6.

Reports which Shuimonews can not independently verify their authenticity confirm that elements of  the Cameroon military force have launched a crackdown on civilians in Mutengene, Southwest region, where a senior police officer was killed yesterday August 5. The police officer who goes by the name Ekah Njume  was killed in his residence allegedly by Amba boys.

Ekah Njume in his heydays

Meanwhile Buea is experiencing one of the worst ghost Towns ever today. The mayor of Buea Mr. Ekema Patrick is still to act.  It should be noted that mayor Ekema had organized a march against ghost town earlier on in Buea.

Molyko street in Buea deserted

Stay connected for  updates of these stories.

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Military bloody ghost Town in Buea, kills 4 civilians, injures 2

One of  Shuimonews’ correspondents in Buea Town has confirmed the dead of four young men shot dead by the Cameroon military in Bakweri Town, Buea, today Monday July 30th.

Reports say the young men were playing dice in an uncompleted building around Frankfils Secondary School when the military opened fire on them. Four of the six boys targeted died on the spot while two are currently battling between life and death in the hospital. Reports equally confirm that these young men didn’t make any provocation on the military, neither were they armed. Their corpses are currently at the Buea General Hospital mortuary pending burial.

Shuimonews has equally received another unconfirmed report of one civilian who was shot on the leg at Tole today Monday July 30th. Another source says, the military have conducted unjustified arrests in this locality. Must men, the source confirms are on the run.

Shuimonews is withholding images of those shot dead for professional reasons. Stay connected for updates of this story.

  • Shuimo Trust Dohyee, Buea, Cameroon
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 Another controversial outing by Mayor Ekema: says Buea wouldn’t play host to AGC.

When the mayor of Buea, Mr. Patrick Ekema Esunge summoned what he calls “Bakweri Forum”, Shuimonews  warned that such a gathering would probably take xenophobic dimensions. Shuimonews’ warning turned out to be the agenda of the “Bakweri Forum”, yes! xenophobia against Northwesterners.

Mayor Ekema, third from the left with other Bakweri dignitaries presiding the Bakweri Forum. Photo credits: Mimi info.

The mayor of Buea is once again back on the headlines after making stunning utterances during the “Bakweri Forum” which took place at the Buea Council premises on Sunday July 29th 2018.

The mayor denounced the “abduction” of Bakweri chiefs and other malpractices perpetrated by those he labels “Maquizas”. Hear him “…it is heart breaking to know our chiefs were taken by groups of “Maquizas”…this is sacrilege, it is something that would hunt us. We need to rise up in unison and stratagize on how to put an end to this ongoing masquerade”

Attendees of the “Bakweri Forum “. Photo credits: Mimi infos

The landlord of Buea equally slamed  Cardinal Tumi for choosing Buea as the venue for the Anglophone General Conference built for the 29th to the 30th of August 2018.  “… it is provocative to hear cardinal Tumi speaking on behalf of bishops, why the choice of Buea and who did he consult?”, the mayor vented his anger. He called on “his people” to give him the mandate to restrict such a meeting from holding in Buea. “No Acc 3 in Buea even if the president authorises”, the mayor averted.

Mr. Ekema also vented his anger on the moderator of the Presbyterian Church In Cameroon, acussing him of deceiving Southwesterners, and taking the moderatorship to the Northwest instead of the Southwest.

The Yaounde political song bird equally said that there is no such thing as an Anglophone Problem in Cameroon. He however acknowledged that there are institutional as well as governance problems in Cameroon.

After the meeting the mayor signed a communique inviting his Bakweri tribe men and other people of goodwill for a peaceful march against the adduction of chiefs and the Anglophone General Conference. The Peaceful march is built for Tuesday July 31st.